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Having a Bath


We can't wait to see you!

From stylish haircuts and relaxing baths to specialized spa treatments, we take pride in offering a grooming experience that not only beautifies your pets but also makes them feel pampered and happy.


Trust us to take care of your furry friends with attention and affection, delivering high-quality services that ensure the comfort and well-being of your pets. Make your furry companions look and feel better than ever with our mobile pet grooming service!

Nail clip or filing

Anal grand express

Hand dryer (no cage)

AKC stand cut

Blue berry facial

Shampoo & condition

Ears cleaning and plugs

De shedding treatment

Pet Grooming Prices


Small Dogs

$85 to 90


Medium Dogs

$95 to 100


Large Dogs

$110 and up



All Sizes
$110 and up

* Extremely matted pet will have a extra charge of $10
* All our prices are estimates. These may vary based on coat conditions, excessive mats, pet behavior, presence of ticks/fleas, or alternate conditions.

Nail Clip

Dog Grooming

Give your pet`s a full spaw saloon treatment! We will groom your puppy or dog as a VIP


Cat Grooming

Winderemere`s Best Gentle Mobile Groomers, from short haired cats to persian / long hair cats

Having a Bath
Veterinarian with Dog

First Aid & CPR

We provide professional and certified First Aid and Pet Care right at your home

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